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T.R. Gnanasagar
T.R. Gnanasagar_edited.jpg

Young Gnanasagar is the son of T.A. Rama Rao, the Representative of Messrs. Gibbon & Co., 39, Lingha Chetty St., Madras, Born in May 1910, he began to play on the flute in his fifteenth year. He was taught the art by Ashtaputra Venkatarama Sastri, a relation of the famous Sarabha Sastri. He quickly attained mastery in his art by his concentrated attention; and for the last six or seven years, he has been giving public performances at the request of various individuals and institutions. He has a fine breath and commands great speed. In appreciation of his skill, he has been awarded over a dozen gold medals. Several of his songs have been recorded by the “Odeon” Gramophone Co., and are released by Saraswathi Stores. He is a young man of promise with a brilliant future before him. He has readily responded to any request from the M.E. Fund for a free performance.

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