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T.K. Nana Rao

The life of Mr. T.K. Nana Rao shows how a man whose mind is always on the alert is able to carve out a bright career for himself in spite of all kinds of difficulties.

Born in a poor Desastha family of Tanjore, Nana Rao became a Master of Arts and was employed as Lecturer in History in the Findlay College, Mannargudi in 1914-15. When he had to leave that post, he entered the Military Accounts Department as a Clerk and served in various places in Northern India. There he soon rose to be one of the Superintendents. It was then that he competed for the Indian Audit and Accounts Service Examination, taking advantage of the rule that people in Service might appear for the Examination till their thirtieth year, while the age limit for direct recruits was only twenty- five. He came out successful and was soon appointed Assistant Accountant General. After serving in Bombay, Delhi and other places, the came to Madras where he acted as Deputy Accountant General for some time.

In June 1937 he was transferred to the Railway Service and is now Examiner of Accounts, B.B.C.I. Railway, with Bombay as his Headquarters.

As a very efficient Officer of the Department, he has earned the thanks of the Finance Member of the Viceroy’s Council on more than one occasion and has also been awarded the Silver Jubilee Medal.  His impartiality and steady application to work have made him a very popular officer wherever he goes.

He is a life member of the M.E. Fund and has been one of the most consistent supporters of every one of its schemes.


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