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E. Raja Rama Rao
E. Rajarama Rao & N. Keshava Rao _edited

Mr. Rajaram Rao is the son of S. Ekanatha Rao who retired as Head Clerk, District Munsiff Court, Kumbakonam. He was born in 1901. After his early education at Tanjore, he came to Madras to be under the care and protection of his elder borther Mr. E. Vinayaka Rao who was then Lecturer in Mathematics, Pachaiappa’s College, Madras. He had his High School education in the Madras Christian College School Department. He then joined the Presidency College, Madras and obtained a high First Class in the Inter. Examination. He easily got admission in the English (Hons.) Class in the Presidency College and passed the B.A. (Hons.) Degree Examination of the University of Madras in 1922 taking a First Class and standing first in the Presidency. He then joined the Law College and passed his B.L. Degree Examination in 1924. After taking the Law Degree he was for one year lecturer in the Sri Minakshi College, Chidambaram, which subsequently developed into the Annamalai University. He competed for the Indian Audit and Accounts Service Examination and was among the successful candidates in 1926. He elected to get into the Imperial Customs Service and was accordingly posted as Assistant Collector of Customs at Karachi in 1926. After serving for some time in Bombay, he was transferred to Calcutta where he is now Assistant Collector of Customs. He continues his studies in English literature and has swimming and playing on the Violin as hobbies. For nearly 14 years from 1912 to 1926 during his continued stay with his brother, he did very valuable work for the M.E. Fund in several capacities. He is now a Life Member and a director of the M.E. Fund.

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