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Rao Saheb Dr. K. Vasudeva Rao

Rao Sahib Dr. K. Vasudeva Rao is one of the earliest Maharashtrians to enter the medical profession and distinguish himself in the service of the British Government as well as a Native State.

Born in 1863, he had his early education at Tirupatur and Bangalore. Then he joined the Madras Medical College from which he passed the L.M. & S. Examination in 1887. Entering service the same year, he worked first as an assistant surgeon and later on as civil surgeon in various parts of the Presidency. For his meritorious work lasting for over thirty years, the Government conferred on him the title of Rao Sahib in 1919 on the eve of his retirement.

The next year he became State Surgeon in Gadwal (in the territories of H.E.H. The Nizam) and served there for four years. He is now living, in retirement in Madras, enjoying his well-earned leisure, and having Tennis and Music as his hobbies.

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