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Rao Bahadur T. Sundara Rao
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Mr. T. Sundara Rao was the eldest son of Rai Bahadur T. Gopal Rao. He was educated in the Kumbakonam College where his father was Prinicipal. After a distinguished career at College, he took his B.A. degree in the year 1874 standing second in the Presidency in Mathematics.

His official life was begun as a clerk on Rs. 25 in the Board of Revenue. After a chequered career, he was appointed as Deputy Collector in 1888 and in due course rose to the first grade in 1911. His ability and character were held in very high esteem by all the people who came into contact with him.

Sundara Rao never gave up his attachment to Mathematics. His title to fame rests on the position he occupies in the History of this subject. His books on Paper folding and Elementary Solid Geometry attracted much attention even in America. He was throughout connected with the Mathmatical Association, London and the Indian Mathematical Society.

Of the finer traits of his character, little is known to those beyond the intimate circle of his friends. Sundara Rao was a man of deep culture and inventive genius. He had designed a canoe for his own use. The cyclostyle ink paste that is now being used in public offices and has brought about considerable economy to Government was first designed by him. An ordinary reed fountain pen made by himself was being used by him all through his life. He had made an ingenious contrivance to stop the fan of a Hitchcock lamp which served to prolong the life of the machinery. Photography and billiards were his special hobbies.

After a long period of Government Service he retired in April 1923. He lived to a good old age and almost to the end, he kept up active habits and exercise. His life is an example of plain living and high thinking – a trait that is commonly regarded as special to the early Marathas.

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