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Rao Saheb Udarasiromani T. Padmanabha Rao
5.Udarasiromani, Rajamma Bai, Sakharam R

Mr. T. Padmanabha Rao belongs to a distinguished family in Trivandrum. He is the son of Dewan T. Rama Rao and was born on the 13th September 1864. After undergoing education at Trivandrum and Kottayam, he entered Government Service in 1887. He served Government in several capacities, and while he was Anchal Superintendent introduced the Sirkar Savings Bank in the Anchal Offices and the Reciprocal Hundi System between Travancore and Cochin. From his retirement in 1919 he has been associated with various public activities. He was Vice-Chairman of the Devadhar Co-operative Enquiry Committee and has always taken a good deal of interest in co-operation. He is also well known for various benefactions such as the improvement of the Rama Rao Dispensary, the poor boys Free Tiffin rooms etc. In 1927, the title of Rao Saheb was conferred on him by the British Government. His munificent sacrifices in the cause of the poor have earned for him the title of Udarasiromani (Gem among the generous) by his own State Sovereign. His benefactions run to several thousands of rupees, among which special mention may be made of his handsome endowment to the newly started Travancore University. He is now a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London and a Patron of our Fund.

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