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Rao Saheb Dr. T. Madhava Rao

Dr. Madhava Rao, the eldest son of Rao Bahadur T. Sundara Rao, was born in October 1878. His earlier days were spent in Trichinopoly where he had his education up to the B.A. class. He took his degree from the St. Joseph’s College in 1899. For his medical studies, he went to Edinburgh and joined the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. After getting the L.R.C.P. & S. Diploma he passed out of the College in 1906.

On his arrival in India, he was made Assistant Surgeon in the Madras General Hospital. He was good at surgery and gradually won the appreciation of his superiors. He served mostly in the Northern Circars and Ceded Districts. In 1992, the title of Rao Saheb was conferred upon him in connection with his services during the preceding Pushkaram Festival.

Madhava Rao acted as District Medical Officer in various places till 1927, when he was posted as Professor in the Medical College, Vizagapatam. In 1932, he was appointed as District Medical Officer, Vizagapatam and was confirmed as Civil Surgeon in January 1933. He retired from service in October 1933, but continues to live in Vizagapatam in his retirement.


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