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Vasishta's 21st Century Dictionary of Dakshini Marathi




This is the first ever dictionary of modern DM.


  • Almost all the words are followed by illustrative sentences to give the reader an idea how DM language is written.

  • It also contains Figures of Speech, proverbs and usages & sayings prevailing in DM

  • Appropriate Notes are also provided where ever required


The Dictionary contains not only words which a DM speaker uses in his dialect, but also commonly understood words from other languages, including Standard Marathi. These "loan-words" been carefully selected to fill the gaps in the DM vocabulary.


To explain further:-

DM needs to have a certain minimum critical mass (in numbers) of words to have communication (both written and spoken) going within the community. As of now DM has only around 5000 words and the DM speaker is forced to use words from English, Tamil or words from any other convenient language of his choice to keep the communication going. At present these words are used haphazardly and are viewed as embarrassing and awkward intrusions into DM. The “loan-words” included in the Dictionary is an attempt to address this. These words have been selected carefully such that they would sit comfortably with the DM vocabulary without distorting the texture of the dialect. 


As the dictionary is still in a state of compilation, constant corrections are being effected periodically. 

Ananda Rao Vasishta

To access the DM Dictionary please click on the following Blog icon

  • Dakshini Marathi Punaruddharini
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