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Dakshini Maharashtrians started marking their presence in the Internet 2009 onward. Since then we DMs have been using the Net to strengthen our culture, religion, traditions, language etc. At present these efforts are lying scattered in different platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, blogger, wordpress, website, podcast, Wikipedia, private collections etc.  


Using multiple platforms has its advantages in that it can accommodate the preferred styles of the respective users who operate from their comfort zones.  While these multiple platforms can continue as they are, it is felt that time has come for consolidating our efforts. A community website for linking all our efforts (past & future) in a single platform is considered the best option. 'Dakshini Marathi Khajana" was launched with this objective in mind. In the first phase, the contents of this website have been sourced mostly from  Rajaram Ramachandran, Sai Sridhar Janardhan and Ananda Rao Vasishta, Going forward, contributions are requested from other members of the DM community. Off-line contributions may kindly be sent to   


Dakshini Marathi Khajana has static and dynamic elements. The static information like History, Religious rituals, DM Dictionary etc would form the static contents, whereas articles, travelogues, kshetra darshans, discussions on the language aspects of DM, reports about events and meetings etc would form the dynamic contents. Naturally, the dynamic contents would keep growing in the website. Contributions from active members would be the key for driving this growth. 


The website has been designed in such a way as to give the visitor a feeling of perusing a glossy magazine. To achieve this effect, some of the typical website elements are deliberately avoided here. All contributions in DM (Devanagari script)  are accompanied by voice-clips and/or English translations. Similarly all contributions in English or Roman DM are accompanied by the DM translations or transliterations (in Devanagari script) and/or voice-clips. Wherever possible the pages have been embellished with photos and video-clips also.

All pages have been provided with "Home" icon and "back" buttons. "Home" takes you to the Home-page and the "back" button takes you to the earlier page from where you came to the current page. In addition, wherever a series is posted, a "previous" and a "next" button have also been provided in the concerned pages.   


This is a bi-lingual website. The Introduction and History pages are in English. Similarly the "introductory narration" parts of all sections are also in English. One of the main aims of this website is to get the DM community familiar with the written form of DM. Accordingly, in the sections relating to DM Writting, Language Discussions, DM Dictionary etc. larger weightage has been given for the written form of DM in Devanagari script.          

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