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DM Writings


The writings in this section are categorized into three parts ; Travelogues, Articles and Poetry. While the primary purpose of any writing or article is to convey what the author wants to say, in our case there is a more important purpose viz, to introduce our members to the written form of DM, ie to read and write DM using Devanagari script. A minimum familiarity with Devanagari script is assumed here.    

The contents of "D M Writings" can also be viewed in the blog 

All writings in these three sections are in DM. In almost all cases the English renderings / translations are also given. In several instances DM words are written in Roman scripts also. Again, as several members are not very familiar with Devanagari, arrangements are on hand to provide sound-bites also over a period of time. It is expected that those with some familiarity with Devanagari will track the sound-bites with the word spellings and thus gradually get to know how the DM words look. In other words, the primary intention of this section is to serve as a learning process.   

A spin-off of this process is to convey the message that if we pronounce our words as per the spellings in Devanagari, then we will be able to improve our pronunciation too. In other words, "script based pronunciation" is the goal.   

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