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Balasaraswathi Jagannatha Bhutgoswami

Jagannatha Bhutgoswami was the first to practice on this North Indian instrument (Taus is its Persian name) and show its great possibilities for playing Carnatic Music. He was remarkably gifted in the exposition of the Sankarabarana Raga on the Mayuri. The mellowed tone of the instrument added to the dexterous handling of the same by Jagannatha  Bhutgoswami, made the instrument very attractive. Distinguished artistes of his time like Maha  Vaidyanatha Iyer and others used to attend his concerts with great interest. Even as Sarabha Sastri elevated the Flute to the status of a pucca primary instrument for concert purposes; and as Srinivasa Rao elevated the Gottu Vadya to a similar status; so also, Jagannatha  Bhutgoswami, by dint of his own talents, did the same for the Mayuri and made it unquestionably a pucca primary instrument for the concert.


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