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"दादिगा" and "बायको" 

A short discussion on the usage of "दादिगा" and "बायको"

Suresh Naig :- We use "Baaiko" and "Dhaadhiga" as generic to mean male and female. Most often we use the expression, "Baaiko Lenkru" and Dhaadiga Lenkru" assuming it denotes male child and female child. But in reality it denotes "Woman child" and "Man child" which is wrong. I request Ananda Rao Vasishta to teach us the exact word, because we very often mistakenly use this expression.

ARV :- There are two contextual meanings for "दादिगा" and "बायको"

In normal usage in DM, बायको is "woman" (not to be confused with बाईल, meaning "wife") and दादिगा or दाद्ग्या is "man" (not to be confused with दल्ला or दाल्ला, meaning "husband").

In DM these words are used in grammatical sense also. We use, दादिगा (or दाद्ग्या) and बायको to denote "male" gender (पुल्लिंग) and "female" gender (स्त्रीलिंग). Sure, such usages are fast disappearing. 

Let us now do some research.

The first ever compilation of Marathi words written in the form of a dictionary was by Kalerao Appa of Tanjavur (cir. 1690s or early 1700 AD) This manuscript (available in Saraswati Mahal Library) has an entry दाद्ग्या, meaning दाल्ला. He has not given "man" as the meaning of दाद्ग्या. Still, it will be difficult to rule out such a meaning. (Incidentally, this work of Kalerao Appa, even though quite amateurish, pre-dates any attempt at dictionary writing in Maharashtra, by over a century !). 

Kalerao Appa's work was studied by the well-known old-Marathi scholar late Shri. S.G. TuLpuLe in 1973 and from his observations we can infer that in Tanjore Marathi of 1700s दादिगा (or दाद्ग्या) and बायको have been used in the grammatical sense also to indicate "male" gender (पुल्लिंग) and "female" gender (स्त्रीलिंग). We DMs continue to do so even to-date. TuLpuLe has given the following examples from Kalerao Appa's work to prove his point.

बायिको गाढव - (female donkey)
हत्तिचें बायिको पिल्लु
गाईचे दाद्ग्या वांसरू (male calf)
बायिको माकड
बायिको मांदर (मांजर)
बायिको वाघ (tigress) 

So there is no contradiction in the terms "बायको लेंकरू" and "दादिगा लेंकरू". Incidentally we pronounce it "बायको" and "बायिको".

Suresh Naig:- Wonderful Ananda Rao Vasishta ji. I was seeking knowledge and got it from you.

ARV :- You are welcome sir.

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