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Vasishta's A to Z Dictionary of Dakshini Marathi


For those not used to it, looking up a dictionary with words arranged in the alphabetical order of Devanagari script is always a daunting task. Most Dakshini Marathi speakers are not very familiar with Devanagari script. In this background, I felt it might be a good idea to re-cast my earlier work on Dakshini Marathi Dictionary by arranging the head-words in English Alphabetical order.

Thus was born "A to Z Dictionary of Dakshini Marathi (Tanjore Marathi)" in,

I humbly request members of the Dakshini Marathi community to forward their suggestions and ideas to me at my e-mail,

Ananda Rao Vasishta.



To access the A to Z Dictionary please click on the following Blog icon

  • Dakshini Marathi Punaruddharini
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